Ethereum First P2E Action Platformer
Fight for glory in the most action-packed free-to-play P2E game on Ethereum!
Do you have what it takes to be the next Guild Hero?
Ethereum First P2E Action Platformer

Immerse yourself in a brand new Web 3 gaming experience with Heroes, Spells and Monsters accompanied by fantastic gameplay and a mystical soundtrack.

Earn $Gold

Battle and earn your share of riches by completing quests! Holders can increase rewards and customise their gameplay experience throughout their adventures!

Buy Loot-Boxes

Earn in-game $GOLD to purchase Tokenized Loot-boxes! Enjoy a fun, well-balanced and carefully designed level system that utilizes NFTs to enrich your gaming experience!

Unlock the Treasury

Play the first F2P competitive, action-based platformer on Ethereum with a scaling reward system. The fastest, strongest and most determined warriors will unlock the treasury!

Join the Community

Earn, trade, and battle against fellow Guild Members to increase your rewards! Maximise your earning potential by participating in Competitions, Challenges and Community Events.

Ever-Changing Gameplay

Enjoy ever-changing levels as you immerse yourself in this epic dungeon-crawler. Experience a vast collection of Heroes, Spells, Monsters and Game Mechanics!

Choose Your Guild Warrior & Start Earning!
Flag Character
Flag Character
Flag Character
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Baba Roadmap
PHASE 1 (Build activate in April)
  • Game Development
  • Game Tutorial
  • Release of Closed Alpha Testing
  • NFT Reveals Partnership Announcements
  • Project/DAO/Influencer Collaborations
  • Secure Launch Pad
PHASE 2 (Mint)
  • Public Mint
  • Secondary Market Listing
  • Guild Heroes Game Launch
  • Guild Heroes Hub
PHASE 3 (Post Launch)
  • Raffles
  • Guild Heroes Wars
  • Challenges
  • Events
  • Guild Token Marketplace
  • Auction House
  • DAO Launch
  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Youtube & Twitch Partners
  • On-going Level Development
  • New Characters
  • Additional Spells and Rewards
  • Full-length RPG Campaign Release, "The End and Everything After".
  • Secure Indie Game Publisher
  • Steam and Console Release
Meet the Team
Rocket Labs

Rocket Labs is the brains behind introducing Guild Heroes to Ethereum. The lead designer, the key strategist and the Web3 Guru.

Lead Artist

Baba is the creative behind Guild Heroes, incharge of creating a world that everyone will find nostaligic, engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

Lead Game Developer

Toast is the powerhouse behind Guild Heroes, incharge of all elements of gameplay to make this project the next big thing!

Marketing Lead

xKonjin is the play-to-earn strategist who is bringing this project to life on the Ethereum ecosystem!